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Some of these songs are from "Florida Moon" which was recorded in the Spring of 2002 at Hole in Pigeon Studios (aka. Grain of Salt) here in Jacksonville, Florida. A few were recorded at Gina Martinelli's studios in Jacksonville early in 2005. 


Every year they close downtown/Main street's barricade/And all the people come to see the Veteran's Day parade/Between the floats and High School bands, too proud to ignore/The survivors of America's great wars./CHORUS: Some of them in wheelchairs/Some with heads held high/The Veteran's Day Parade goes by./I worked in a hospital/I worked for the V.A./I saw those men and women too, everyday/Taking 12 steps for addictions/Pills for post trumatic stree/And physical therapy for the amputee/And everything htey had to say lay left unsaid/As they moved between the shadows of the living and the dead./CHORUS/My country 'tis of thee/Sweet land of liberty of thee I sing./ I traveled to the Capital, to touch the wall/ And to walk the hallowed grounds of Arlington/And as I read the names there, the shadows of their stones/Began to grow long with the setting sun/And as I thought about those folks who lived and died/I thought that I saw something in the clouds up in the sky/CHORUS/My country tis of thee/Sweet land of liberty of thee I sing.


Invisible Hands are helping me/They're moving things that I don't see/It's hard to explain rationally/About the inivisible hands (Repeat)/Like links in a chain or thread through a rope/A little bit of love and a little bit of hope/One act of kindness leads to another/He helps a sister, she helps a brother/I'm not a superstious guy/I don't always know the reason why/These things happen the way they do/Sometimes things come out of the blue/When my heart is in the right place/When my soul is in a good place/Good things happen I don't know why/It's just something that seems true/CHORUS/ Some people say that they have angels in their lives/Some people say it's Karmic Law/I don't pretend to say that I'm so wise that I realize/What's going on./I am just a simple man/There's so much that I don't understand/But there's one thing that I know/People reap what people sow/Maybe it's a law or some kind of rule/I dunno but I know it's true/Love is gonna happen to you/If that's what you're dishing out/When my heart is in the right place/When my soul is in a good space/Good things happen I don't know why/But there ain't no doubt.../CHORUS.


Came down here from Kingston Town/Down on my luck/Land of opportunity/Teach me how to drive a truck/Came up here to Jacksonville/Where they teach the big machines/Made me wear my dreadlocks under my cap/How about that?!/Chorus: Just a Rasta Truck Driver/Driving down these roads of Babylon/Reggae rasta truck driver/How I love my freedom (Repeat)/Through the rain and through the snow/Keep on trucking on/How I miss my Baby/How she loves me when I'm gone/I learned to love this country/I learned to love this road/I make their money go around and around/What a heavy heavy load/CHORUS/Ohh, its a long long lonely road to go/When you're so far away from home/Ohh, it's such a long long lonely way to go/But I keep on smiling/I just keep on smiling/Repeat second verse/CHORUS.


Out on the streets/The world seems so cold/But I know there's one place I can go/This is my house/This is my house/We'll do it my way if that's ok/'Cause this is my house/Some people feel the need to shout/They don't always know what they're talking about/This is my house/This is my house/You got the right on some other night/But this is my house/I 'preciate you coming to spend/A little time with me, my friend/This world is so full of crazies and fools/I got my own style and my own set of rules/You got your opinions/That much I can see/But what you think don't mean much to me/This is my house/This is my house/You can have it your way on some other day/But this is my house./This is my house/This is my house/This is my house/This is my house/Just listen to me/That's how it's gonna be/You're in my house.


The St. Johns River is a grand old river that flows from the south to the sea/It's 300 miles of timeless magic and Florida majesty/It starts in the swamps near Vero Beach and heads north where it takes a notion/To meander up the state through Jacksonville and then out into the ocean/(Some people say it runs backwards 'cause it goes from the south to the north/But I just tell them they're looking at it from the wrong direction)/The river's got a hundred fishcamps or more where a fella can sit for a spell/And the old men there will rave about the one that got away-Do tell!/They got cattle down there that graze in the river and yeah, they got cowboys too/They don't ride the range like they do out west/They use airboats--I swear it's true/(If you have a problem visualizing a cowboy on an airboat with his horse, well, just think about it for a minute, it'll come to you)./The St.Johns River has a lot of wildlife of every shape and size/Manatees and turtles, Eagles and Ospreys/And it should come as no surprise that you might even see a gator or two (Down visiting from the University of Florida--Talk about your wildlife)./The St. Johns River makes it way up slowly through the Sunshine State and then/It passes by the good people of Palatka/But that's where the trouble begins/There's a company there that just don't care pouring poison into the stream/At a rate of 60 million gallons a day/It's enough to make you scream/(To be specific--It's Georgia Pacific)/Now Georgia Pacific makes some fine products/And they give a lot of people jobs/But what GP's doing to the St. Johns River/They ain't nothing less than slobs/All that dioxin and lead and chlorine and stuff/It's gonna make some people ill/It's a good thing for Georgia-Pacific that river runs North away from Palatka--through Jacksonville)./The St. Johns River is a slow moving river/It only dips an inch every mile/So to clean itself up of gunk and pollution, it's gonna take a good little while/I hate to say anything bad about people and I hope you know it's true/But when your neighbor pours his garbage into your backyard, well, what's a fella to do? (They hired Richard Petty, the NASCAR driver to be their spokesman/Now I like Richard Petty;That's hitting below the belt)./One day I hope to write a different ending to my little song/And we'll sing about how the St. John's River keeps on roll, rolling along/And maybe one day that grand old river will be free of all that garbage and slime/But meanwhile what Georgia-Pacific is doing to the St. johns River, An American Heritage, Well, it's just a stinking crime! (It's gonna take a lot of paper towels to clean up that mess, the super absorbent kind!)


When they ask me do I loke Grits/I can't get enough of it/Love 'em in the morning/Love 'em in the evening/Love 'em in the afternoon/Don't need no napkins/Don't need no fork and spoon/CHORUS:I love GRITS, Girls Raised In The South/I love GRITS, Girls Raised In The South/They're so good for you/They're what it's all about./I took Linda Sue on an airboat ride/She sat there right by my side/I tried to date her/She said "Later"/"Look out Linda, that's a big alligator!"/She jumped in my lap and that was that/Now we're getting married next Spring/CHORUS/Now I got nothing 'gainst the girls up north/They ain't breakfast but they're three course/There's nothing wrong witht eh girls out west/But good homecooking's what I love best/If they ask me "Do I like grits?"/More than just a little bit/Me and my baby/I'm driving her crazy/I'd cook a little breakfast but I'm too damned lazy/I think instead we'll just stay in bed/We'll just stay here all day long/CHORUS.

It was May the third, 1901/Just another fine Florida Day. Out in the city of Jacksonville, they were working and earning their pay. At the Cleveland Fiber Comapny, drying spanish moss out on the floor. When some sparks from a chimney settled on in, started smoke rising up, nothing more. The men tried to dampen and put out the sparks, but they spread too fast across the floor and the fire that rose from the old spanish moss sent the workers running to the doors.
CHORUS: That was the day that we'll always remember, those terrible sights and sounds. That's the day hell came to Florida/The day Jacksonville burned to the ground.
The fire spread quickly from bldg to bldg as it took on a life of its own/The fire rose up, higher & higher, burning factories, churches & homes. The smoke was a-blinding, it was hot as an oven, Women looked for their babies, Men searched for their wives. There was no time to gather worldy pocessions, there was just enough time to run for their lives. CHORUS
After many sad hours, the fire gave away, As the day settled into the night. And it wasn't 'til morning 'til all of the people realized the full damage, what a horrible sight. Though their hearts were heavy and they cried many tears, they knew Jacksonville would rise again. And the losses of history won't let us forget, that nature will always rule over men. CHORUS