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Ron's Interests Today
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My Newspaper Column

I write a column for the Jacksonville newspaper The Florida Times Union called "Strings And Things," which is mostly about the local music scene in Jacksonville and the North Florida area. Check out this week's very intersting column by clicking on to the link below:

Ron's Newspaper Column "Strings & Things"!

Ron's Photo Albums

Ron keeps several photo albums on the Webshots site and you can check them out at the link below. These include not only pics of Ron's family but also some shots of some of the plays Ron's been in, including "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", "Once Upon A Mattress" and "Mr. Roberts."


Jacksonville Downbeat

For over ten years, Ron was the host of the TV program "Jacksonville Downbeat," which (according to CMJ magazine) was the longest running video program in the United States! With the recent passing of Ed Coker, the show's producer, the long run came to a sudden end. 

Jacksonville Downbeat (a tribute to Ed Coker).

The Georgia-Pacific Boycott!

Georgia-Pacific runs a paper mill on the St. Johns River in Palatka, Fla. and wants to build a pipeline that will pump 60 million gallons of dioxins, leads, chlorine & poison A DAY into that river, which by the way, runs north through Ron's hometown of Jacksonville. We've initiated a national boycott of Brawny, Angel Soft, Dixie cup and other GP Products. See how things are going by clicking on the site below:

The Ga-Pacific Boycott Site!

Check back to these sites or better yet, add them to your "Favorites" 'cause they're always being up-dated!