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Ron Johnson!
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These are some related websites and links including organizations, friends of mine, TABS, so on and so forth. I'm adding on new links all the time so if you come back often, that just proves how smart you are.

To read Ron's Newspaper column "Strings and Things" click on this link

I am currently a member of the FRIENDS OF FLORIDA FOLK and you can check out their site at the link below. It features up-coming festivals, house concerts, story telling events, etc. as well as keeps a list of folk musicians in Florida.

Friends of Florida Folk

The National and Regional Folk Scene is alive and well and is experiencing a bit of a revival, especially on the heels of the "O Brother" Soundtrack. This part of the country is definately involved and the 2002 National Folk Alliance was held in Jacksonville this past February! Check out these links below to the national and more local folk scenes.

National Folk Alliance

One of the more obvious benefits of playing music is that you get to meet and hang out with musicians, most of whom are actually very nice people. Check out some of these links below, they happen to be friends of mine.

Folk Alley.Com, out of Kent State Ohio, a great site. When youre there, go to "Open Mic" and look for me among many others