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Ron Johnson!

Welcome to my art gallery!

On this site I'll include my latest art work including paintings, drawings, well as news and gossip, photos, show reviews, and more.

I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida (Riverside/5 Points!) and recently there has been quite an explosion of the arts here. The community of local artists will never match a New York/San Fransisco experience, true, but here you get a real sense of "everybody knows each other" which at this point in my career is exactly what the painter ordered.
I share an apartment with Ms. Bettina Makley, an awesome artist and musician in her own right (I've included a link to her page among others on the Link Page) and together we push each other on to the edges of the envelope (and beyond).

Thanks for taking a look at my site. Be sure to sign my guestbook below or send me a private e-mail with your thoughts and suggestions. I'll be updating frequently, so please check back often.


Ron Johnson, artist, musician, writer, LCSW.